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The Janpanchayat is the well-known and diverse media conglomerate in India. Its entire ethos is backed by the basic concept that an independent media is the backbone of democracy, and it was founded in 2018.

Each edition is unique.It has established a long time of trust and excellence. It is widely regarded as the country’s gold standard of journalism. 

Janpanchayat Hindi News  is known for its ongoing innovation, reinvention, and acceptance of new technology, in addition to its high journalistic standards. It features a fully integrated, cutting-edge newsroom that distributes editorial material across all of its platforms.

The Internet revolution has brought us new opportunities, an opportunity to reach you and deliver the latest news. Thousands of people visit our website every day and this figure is increasing very fast.

Our team works 24 hours a day 365 days a year to provide the latest content on the website immediately.


Prashant Kumar Tiwari is the Founder and CEO of Janpanchayat Hindi News & SHAARAJ Technology , a one-stop Digital Media agency and Janpanchayat Digital Media, a platform that keeps an impartial daily insights on the political scenario of the country and the state. 

Prashant Kumar Tiwari ( Political Consultant, Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager in Lucknow)
Prashant Kumar Tiwari

Prashant Kumar Tiwari is known for providing major strategic technical solutions to the leading political parties and their candidates. He has his roots coming from a highly active and very significant place, Varanasi. If you are looking for a dynamic personality to associate your political ambitions with Prashant is your go to guy. He is an experienced Brand Manager, a very talented Political Consultant, one of the best Social Media Manager currently active in Lucknow. So, leave your Advertising & Reputation Management on the safe hands of Mr. Prashant Kumar Tiwari and get the services from the best in Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh.